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Mechanical Engineering Case Study

Detailed Assembly & Fabrication Drawings for Water Blasting System, USA

The Client
Roadline Removal Equipments Manufacturing, USA

The Objective

To develop detailed assembly and fabrication drawings using CAD tools for water blasting system

The Solution

The inputs received from client in terms of PDF and hand drawn sketches were successfully converted into CAD models using Solidworks. Detailed assembly drawings and fabrication drawings were developed with bill of materials to support the manufacturing team.

Solidworks 2013
Assembly and Fabrication Drawings for Water Blasting Equipment
Assembly and Fabrication Drawings for Water Blasting Equipment

A leading manufacturer of roadline removal equipments from USA partnered with Hi-Tech to develop digital design information for manufacturing ease and future reference for modifications. The client provided hand drawn sketches, partly designed CAD files and PDFs to be re-designed using CAD tools.


Engineering Solution

The water blasting equipment design was re-designed from the available hand drawn sketches and PDFs using Solidworks. In order to comprehensively include the design information, individual components were separately modeled along with a detailed bill of materials. Apart from 3D modeling, fabrication drawings were also developed for manufacturing requirements.


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