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HVAC Design Optimization

With our experience in building energy efficiency, we enable you to evaluate the efficiency of HVAC systems, optimize its performance and improve indoor air quality.

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At Hi-Tech, we comprehensively evaluate the performance of heating and cooling systems for residential, commercial, institutional and healthcare buildings. Our MEP and HVAC specialists work closely with your in-house teams to perform HVAC analysis using CFD analyses.

Partnering with us helps you in developing cost-effective, energy efficient systems, providing the opportunity to utilize efficient chillers, pumps, air handling units and maximize areas with natural ventilation. We created HVAC zones in eQuest for a hospital in Dubai and a baseline model using the ASHRAE 90.1-2007 standards, helping them to reduce the energy consumption by 14% implementing ECMs suggested post energy modeling.

Our HVAC design optimization services include:

  • Validate and optimize HVAC design parameters such as the location and number of diffusers and exhausts, and temperature and flow rate of supplied air
  • Enable performance optimization, parametric analysis and  design to meet requirements through simulation of compressors, blowers, fans, diffusers, VAVs, Heating system design, HVAC ducting, environmental control systems, pumps air curtains, air mixers, exhaust hoods and other equipment
  • Provide crucial information to find the best possible HVAC systems for a space, with particular care for aesthetics, weight and vibration
  • Simulate the recommended system modification that satisfies the design criteria without actual physical modifications to the existing systems
  • Investigate the full and part load performance

We provide critical information on indoor air flow patterns, air quality and thermal comfort right from conceptualization stages to help you in selecting right equipment as per cooling/heating and ventilation requirements and adhere to codes and standards.

Being a trusted partner for global clients since more than 10 years, we have successfully validated and optimized HVAC systems and components to meet design criteria for diverse building requirements.

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Our integrated team of qualified engineers with broad experience and good exposure to various projects help in delivering creative and quality engineering services

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