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BIM for Structural Engineers

Comprehensive range of structural detailing, 3D modeling and BIM support services by Hi-Tech; allows structural engineering firms, structural design consultant and structural engineers to exercise complete control over projects for both new built and existing structures.

Our BIM support services for a structural engineering firm is pivotal in efficient design and validation of structural elements. BIM enabled clash detection, cost estimation and scheduling increases productivity improves accuracy levels and efficiently incorporates design alterations whenever required during the development process.

BIM capabilities help structural engineers address challenges that are unique to complex structures like overhead tanks, bridges, tunnels etc and buildings like skyscrapers, hospitals, cathedrals, airports, universities, oil refineries, etc.

BIM Support to Structural Engineers for:

Structural Design, Analysis and Validation

We develop 3D models to precision, and assist structural engineers to use these models for simulation based analysis and design. Structural performance of a building can be thus predicted and structural designs can be optimized for better performance, safety and greater occupant comfort.

Collaboration and Cross Trade Coordination

Structural engineers collaborate with other teams and get a holistic view of the structural design within the building ecosystem and in reference to the MEP and architectural trades. Any kind of clashes amongst these trades can be immediately detected and eliminated.


Accurate constructible models can be used to plan workflows for fabrication of steel structures, precast concrete elements and rebar. Information rich BIM developed to a structural engineer’s specifications is handed over to fabricators. Our team creates models to level of development as specified by engineers, typically to LOD 300, LOD 350 & LOD 400.

Project Management

Our 360° approach assists structural engineer right through the design, analysis, validation, fabrication and erection of structural components and puts him in control of projects. Less wastage, reduced rework, increased productivity and best performance remain the focus.

Our BIM deliverables also serve as documentation for the structural discipline and provide required information and actionable insights during maintenance, repair and refurbishment of a building. We help structural engineers make better use of resources and contribute towards development of safe and smart buildings.

Software Capabilities

Let us know your requirements and we will deliver a complimentary project to help you gauge our proven project management and CAD/BIM capabilities.

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