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BIM for Quantity Surveyors & Cost Planners

Our BIM experts collaborate with cost planners, land surveyors from survey companies, and quantity surveyors to derive accurate bill of quantities (BOQ) and cost estimation for tendering and contract administration.

We build intelligent models as per required standards to allow extraction of accurate quantities and hence cost estimates. Quantity surveyors for quantity extraction, prepare scheme designs with detailed specifications and costing, and also use BIM data to organize documentation for tenders.

BIM support to quantity surveyors and cost estimators for:

Accurate BOQ and hence cost estimations

We help surveyors leverage BIM capabilities to auto compute calculations. This reduces the possibility of human errors. As a result accurate and reliable quantities are extracted and competitive cost estimates are derived.

Record changes in quantities and costs easily

When changes are made to designs, naturally the BOQ’s and cost estimates also change. With BIM any change made to the design automatically reflects and updates the material quantities and hence the corresponding costs.

Speedy execution and delivery

Our BIM deliverables enable quantity surveyors to generate categorized cost estimates according to areas, blocks, concrete grades, subcontractors etc. Hence surveyors and cost estimators can handover projects to other stakeholders and teams quickly.

With BIM 5D support quantity surveyors and estimators, identify and communicate the relation between cost and quantities for specific locations and spaces. This in turn contributes towards total cost of the project. As the determinants that contribute to cost are identified this increases the efficiency and competency of cost estimators.

Software Capabilities

Let us know your requirements and we will deliver a complimentary project to help you gauge our proven project management and CAD/BIM capabilities.

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