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BIM for MEP Engineers

Hi-Tech collaborates with your MEP consulting firms and MEP contractors to keep design data coordinated, minimize errors, resolve design conflicts and improve collaboration between MEP engineers, architecture and engineering teams.

While we customize MEP BIM delivery to suit individual project needs, the desire to deliver quantifiable benefits to clients – is what drives us. Through our virtual design and construction capabilities, we help MEP engineers derive actionable insights and take informed decisions to drive MEP system design and development projects towards success.

Our BIM support helps MEP engineers address the challenges of MEP design that are unique to specialty buildings like hospitals, healthcare centers, laboratories, universities, restaurants, airports etc.

BIM support to MEP engineers for:

MEP Design

MEP BIM support allows right sizing equipment. Engineers use 3D representation of MEP systems with reference to the building ecosystem to claim space for various equipments and design each element such that it complements the other. Using BIM during MEP design will reduce number of clashes and hence reduce the time and efforts spent in rework and iterations.

Cross Trade Coordination

How often does it happen that mechanical equipment and a structural element are allocated the same space? This results in clashes, and happens due to lack of collaboration and coordination between MEP and structural disciplines. Through us, MEP engineers can enjoy cross trade coordination and improved collaboration, thus eliminate any conflicts or interference.

Fabrication and Installation

Well planned workflows and pre fabrication is made possible by using BIM constructible models. We can develop models to LOD 300, LOD 350 and LOD 400 specifications as required.

Project Management

Using detailed material BOQ and shop drawings with 3D visualizations, MEP engineers adopt a holistic approach towards MEP design. With this approach an MEP engineer gains control over every aspect of MEP design, fabrication and installation workflows hence confidently drives each project towards successful outcomes.

Right from conceptual design to detailed design, fabrication and installation phases our BIM support group for MEP engineers remains actively involved and responsive. Our services for MEP engineers also include 2D/3D drafting, 3D visualizations and modeling as per building envelope specifications energy modeling and analysis etc.

Using software tools like Revit MEP and BDS we help MEP engineers to design MEP systems that contribute heavily towards development of a smart and sustainable building design. The bottom line is that – MEP engineers can make better use of manpower, reduce rework and introduce lean fabrication. All this will translate into lower costs and higher ROI.

Software Capabilities

Let us know your requirements and we will deliver a complimentary project to help you gauge our proven project management and CAD/CAE capabilities.

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