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BIM for Home Builders

Our BIM support team assists home builders to translate residential property development projects into a gamut of economic and environmental benefits, which go much beyond the benefits of 2D commissioning.

Intelligent information rich 3D BIM models developed by Hi-Tech, allow effective construction scheduling, accurate cost estimation, faster project delivery and energy efficient residential building development. We also provide interactive 3D models to further improve project visualization for end clients and expedite decision making.

BIM Support to Home Builders for:

3D Visualization

Home builders can get a better understanding of the architectural design through BIM enabled 3D visualizations. Accuracy of visualizations that we provide makes work more efficient and reduces overheads and claims. Besides, a building can be translated exactly as conceptualized and hence client satisfaction is not compromised.

3D visualization support proves pivotal is getting approvals for building plans. Planning officers show a marked interest for construction visualizations while judging the constructability and sustainability of buildings.

Floor Planning

Our BIM deliverables extend value beyond expediting the floor planning and scheduling processes and prove to be a pivotal component in construction documentation.

Scheduling and Cost Estimation

BIM Modeling helps home owners get accurate bill of quantities, this in turn supports preparation of accurate cost estimates, with detailed cost analysis process, administer contracts, and closely track construction process to ensure that it adheres to the set schedules and budgets.

Collaboration and Enhanced Productivity

BIM keeps all involved teams on same page. Automatic coordination of changes eliminates the possibility of mistakes, information redundancy and the possibility of non updated information reaching any involved team or team member in the construction project. This ability rings in efficiency, optimized use of resources and higher productivity.

Real estate developers and home builders from across the globe, have partnered with us – a third party BIM service provider. Result – requirement for virtual design and development of properties, to streamline construction processes and execute development of the most complex residential buildings in the most efficient manner is addressed.

Software Capabilities

Let us know your requirements and we will deliver a complimentary project to help you gauge our proven project management and CAD/BIM capabilities.

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