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BIM for Facility Managers

We assist your building facility managers to efficiently manage documentation and building maintenance processes throughout the project lifecycle with our BIM expertise.

With better control over real estate project management along with components and furniture installed in the building, our team helps in significantly reducing errors and increasing operational efficiency. Allowing information sharing from a centralized repository, our BIM experts help your facility managers to plan and manage maintenance activities.

Parameters for tracking a buildings lifecycle are identified and added to BIM elements such as rooms, fixtures equipment etc. Formulas are built to calculate, track and report the various FM metrics. Reporting schedules and facility management plans generated through these models support managers to understand, manage, operate and maintain a facility.

We offer BIM Support to Facility Managers for:

Operation and maintenance

Our BIM capability enables FMs, to track O&M requirements of architectural, structural and predominantly MEP disciplines. This in turn enables them plan a cost effective, timely and efficient maintenance program.

Space Management

Spatial requirements within a facility may keep changing based on its occupancy. Facility managers can use our BIM documentation to understand how spaces within a facility can be managed to fulfill the spatial requirements.

Asset Management

Linking BIM to asset database, our BIM support team helps FMs plan upgrade, or change of building assets. It is also possible to take accurate quantities and use them for financial reporting and cost estimation.

Energy Utilization Management

Facility managers can predict energy performance of equipments and systems, and plan repair or modification in existing systems if they are not performing as predicted. Identification of energy guzzling equipments and timely repair or replacement of such equipments is facilitated by BIM support.

Disaster Planning and Maintenance

Facility managers can use BIM to track and immediately report issues to emergency responders like technical rescue, fire department and emergency medical services. This greatly reduces the safety risks and helps FM’s counter disasters efficiently.

Repair and Renovation Activity Management

BIM models with complete information about MEP and structural elements enable efficient planning of building repair and renovation activities, hence execution of these activates can be done in a timely and efficient manner.

Software Capabilities

Let us know your requirements and we will deliver a complimentary project to help you gauge our proven project management and CAD/CAE capabilities.

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