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BIM for Architects

With a proven expertise in design, documentation and BIM, we help architectural design firms, interior design firms, architectural design and planning consultants to concentrate on creative designs for buildings to transform ambitious and complex projects into reality.

Our engineering team assists architects right from conceptual phase through completion to build intelligent, energy optimized 3D building models. From renovating existing building designs, communicating new design ideas to clients or developing energy-efficient design concepts, we align our expertise to enhance collaboration of architects with other stakeholders.

We offer BIM support to architects for:

Communication of Design Intent

BIM support facilitates architects to adopt a smarter approach towards building design. Virtual design capabilities allow better visualization – as a result client communication also improves. Architectural specifications can be attributed to geometry with necessary schedules, and BIM can be used to calculate the estimated costs, early in the building design process.

Cross Trade Coordination

BIM proves pivotal when architects handover their designs to MEP and structural engineers. Accurate design information and a visual mode of communication, allows engineers to develop MEP and structural designs to complement each other within the architectural ecosystem. This reduces clashes, helps engineer’s right size equipments and eventually results in less clashes, less rework and less iterations, – hence better ROI.

Sustainable Building Design

Our BIM support helps architects to analyze form, orientation and glazing options. Analysis of sun shadow features can also keep the architect informed of various seasonal changes and its impact on the building design. A general sense of solar performance helps an architect to design buildings that perform better in terms utilization of natural resources and hence contribute towards sustainable building design.

In addition to BIM, we also extend architectural design and development support through our 2D architectural drawings, 2D detailed drawings for floor plan, section and elevation, 3D floor plan design, 3D modeling, rendering, walkthrough and interactive animation design capabilities.

Software Capabilities

Let us know your requirements and we will deliver a complimentary project to help you gauge our proven project management and CAD/CAE capabilities.

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