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4D BIM – Construction Sequencing

We help building construction project stakeholders to efficiently schedule construction processes, foresee conflicts and optimize the processes to gain control on the project outcome.

With our 4D BIM services using Revit, we enable contractors and project owners to plan space utilization, sequence construction processes and allocate resources effectively and manage risks, supply chain and cost allocation efficiently.

We bring efficiency in construction process helping construction firms in planning schedules based on models and phasing simulation and lean scheduling principles. Our BIM experts ensure that there are seamless construction processes being opted which involves minimum amount of reworks using 4D sequencing in Navisworks.

Our real time 4D simulations for structural systems, building envelope, mechanical and plumbing systems and roof systems helps in safety reviews, analyzing interferences, generating reports and presentations for construction site planning related activities.

Our 4D BIM services include:

  • 3D BIM models to 4D BIM conversion for efficient construction process scheduling, conflict detection and resolution
  • Real time construction sequence simulations along with logistical and phasing presentations
  • Construction timeline videos for coordinating and tracking on-site progress
  • Construction scheduling and sequencing to manage workflows and implement lean scheduling
What our Clients Say
At first, I did not know how good HiTech was, so I broke this project up and sent level 5, 6, 7 to another Indian firm. I sent Level 2, 3, 4 to HiTech. So far, your team has been doing well, except for some issues here and there. The other Indian team was not doing so well. They are struggling to get through level 7. They have no clue what they are doing. I am taking level 6 and 5 back and send them to you. I do hope that you understand the reason why I needed to do things this way. From now on, HiTech is the only one that I will be using.

– MEP Design Consulting Firm, USA

Let us know your requirements and we will deliver a complimentary project to help you gauge our proven project management and CAD/BIM capabilities.

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